RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
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I've been a busy little lad. For I have done yet another 100 hour pay period. (Every two weeks.) This will be my third time doing this, IIRC. And with my current pay, it'll be a $1100 check before taxes. (Yes Uncle Sam, I'm ready for the fucking via taxes. But I've already fucked you back ten times over with the per diem and the travel vouchers for Florida. :P)

But I have friday off, since I've got USAR drill this weekend. Plans include: Sleeping. Getting ready the Army uniform for drill this weekend. Checking with the cable company to order Wreslemania. (Yeah, I watch WWE.) Other sthuff.

Hopefully I'll get two days off next week. No, let me rephrase that: I better be getting two days off next week. I would like to have two fucking days off in a week. Last time I was working 6 days a week for gas city, I started to get sick. And I really don't want that to start up again. >P
Tags: randomness, work

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