RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

The names meme.

If you call me RJ, you know regular old me.
If you call me Robert, Bob, or any variation there of, you're either family or a co-worker.
If you call me Rolo, you're my parents. If not, you die.
If you call me arjei, you probably only know me via LJ.
If you call me Bachler, Batch/Bach, or Madd-Dogg, you're in my USAR unit.
If you call me Anvil-chan, I will crush you in the next game. :P
If you call me "Hey, you!", "Where's my change?" or just a general grunt in my direction, you're a customer. Get the fuck outta my store.
If you call me BJ, go away. I don't forget my past, and I don't want to repeat it or talk about it.
If you call me "OH god, yes yes YYYEEESSSSS!!!", I'm dreaming so don't wake me up. :P
And... If you call me on the phone, I won't answer. That's what voicemail's for. :P
Tags: meme

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