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More work angst.

Three things I realized as I was at work. It's the reasons why I like working at New Lenox rather than Frankfort.

One: The people. The New Lenox crew is a lot more laid back than the Frankfort crew. Like examples from today:
Convo between one cashier and myself: "Hey, I'm not as dumb as some of the people here." "Yeah, you're dumber."
Or when the other cashier was griping about something: "Dammit, if I wanted to hear a bitch, I would've gone to down to the animal shelter."

That's usually the sign of a good crew: The ability to have fun at work while still doing a kick-ass job. The New Lenox crew has this, while the Frankfort one doesn't. The majority of the Frankfort crew whines and complains about nearly every-damned-thing. The New Lenox crew really doesn't, save about the local kids. (Who seem to be mostly assholes and thieves. >P)

And the competence level of the crews is different. Like when someone at Frankfort was trying to run a credit card and it didn't go through the first time. Nor the second, or the third. Usually that's and indication you have to punch the card in manually. But he did it ten more times before he realized that it wasn't going to go through. Then he massively brainfarts and forgets how to punch it in manually. I know your 72-going-on-death, but you've been there for two years. You know how to do a manual card enter, goddammit. I had to jump off my register in the middle of our only rush for the day to help him. >_<

Two: New Lenox is hellishly more busy than Frankfort, to the point where it's nearly insane. I mean, in terms of just money brought in, their day can be eclipsed by one of our shifts and still have time left over.

That's the main reason why I hate Frankfort: I get bored there. EXTREMELY bored. And I hate it. I need to be doing something, but there's really nothing to do. Everything's easy to do because there really no traffic.

It's the same way it was on the midnights. I did all my work by two and had nothing to do until I opened up at five. So I started to bring stuff with me. I read comics. I read manga. Read TPBs. Played Gameboy. (Hell, I beat Pokemon Sapphire on the midnights. :P) Did my Previews order. Basically kept myself entertained.

I hate being bored. I went back to work before my leave from my deployment last year was up. I was sitting on my ass, doing nothing, and it was driving me nuts. And at Frankfort, I'm bored to the point where I trying to figure out what to do to kill said boredom, or take a plastic spork to my eyes.

Three: I believe the district manager, who shipped me back to Frankfort, wants to get rid of me. Why? I'm a hard worked, I competent, I'm honest, I've only called off from work once. (Twice if you count the time I went home sick. :P)

The reason why, and it may be the conspiracy theory part of me that I picked up from my mom, is because I'm in the Army Reserves.

Why do I think this? Because before I found out about the deployment, I was shipped out to station #45, because they were taking all the people out of Alsip they wanted to keep and selling those they don't with the store. But after I found out about the deployment and told them "Hey, I'm out of here after July Fourth. Keep my seat warm." I was back at Alsip within two weeks. (Luckily I was gone long before the sale, so Gas City had to keep me. :P)

And now with Frankfort station, it's looking like they want to "clean house" and fire the entire crew there, and replace them with an entirely new one. Which won't be good for me if I'm there when it happens. Not only will I be out of a job, but it won't look good when I try to go for a new one and they see I was canned because there was theft at my store that they could pin on anyone. (Even with the vet's preference.)

Luckily the manager, assistant manager, and most of the crew at New Lenox want me back there, because I'm competent and a hellva hard worker. And the manager wants me to run the car wash when they install in later this year. (Yay! More moneys!) So I may get the hell out of Frankfort before any shit really starts hitting the fan.

But If I don't, I'll probably still get the 89th RSC Inspector General and the Dept. of Labor up Gas City's ass if I get canned. (Yay! Solder's and Sailor's Relief Act!)
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