RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

My birthday and work.

'99. It was my first year there, so I didn't take my birthday off. I did ask, but didn't expect to get it. (Wouldn't have probably gotten it anyway, as we were becoming shorthanded right around then.)

Y2K. Second year. 21st birthday. Was also what I deemed my personal year of hell. Had the midnight shift and overtime out the ass for the better part of the year. Got fucked over and not in the good way. (Highlight of the year: Going to Ohio-con and meeting everyone. Lowlight: Having to haul ass from O'hare down to work after Ohio because my manager forgot about my request off for that Monday. Found out that lack of sleep does cause hallucinations that night. Plus I wound up getting sick because of all the stress from work in August.)

'01. Third year. Had Annual Training, so that year didn't count. (Actually, I did request it off, but then my AT dates were changed. Plus I had field KP on my birthday. Fucked by the other employer. :P)

'02. Fourth year. I was going to hopefully make up for my 21st, and was promised to have it off. Manager then turned around and screwed me over since her birthday was the day before mine and she wanted to party.

'03. Fifth year. Repeat '02, but I did some sneaky shit to get it off. (Seeing as it was my last birthday before the deployment and didn't know where I was going.) Ended with me pulling a double to do so. Slept most of the day away.

As you can see, the track record with my birthday and work is stellar... if you're looking at it from work's POV. For the past five years I have been requesting my birthday off. And for the past five years I have either not gotten it off, or had to go behind higher-ups backs to get it off.

So let's see... '04. This year. Sixth year. 25th birthday. Let's see if I'll actually get my birthday off without any problems and/or having to resort to other means, or my record will be 0-6. >P
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