RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Because I said I would...

The side, with all my bogey stickers, and one of my Army stickers in the front windsheild

I had to number this because of the amount of crap I have on the back. :P
1: My Chemical Corps sticker.
2: My American flag sticker that didn't come out in the picture. :P
3: Unit crest sticker.
4: My booty sticker given to my by people in the unit.
5: My"Serving Army with Pride" Sticker.
6: My "LDRSHIP/USAR" sticker. (Because I've seen the Marines with their's on their cars. :P)
7: The Armed Forces Reserves plates.
8: The Army plate holder.
9: My Army Reserve eagle sticker. (Which you can really see, due to the tint. >P)
0: My "Hi! I don't care! Thanks!" thing. (Ditto. >P)

And now, work.
Tags: truck

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