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I promise to try and not to set another base on fire. Again.

Well, I have to haul my ass to O'Hare at about five this morning. Annual Training, two weeks, and I'm going back to Bragg. Hopefully better than the last time we went. Pure undiluted crap in the way only the Army could serve it up. (Hell, if you have people trying to toss someone out of a second-story window, you know it's bad.)

As for the subject... Well, the last time we were there, we had some war games the last night we were out in the field. Not bad, had fun, people got powerbomb, (I bullshit you not.) the whole nine yards...

Including flares attached to trip wires. Well, when said flare doesn't go all the way up and comes down into a dry area, cool and bad shit happens. Like fire. (Fire BAD!) Luckly, it was small and quickly put out.

... Actually, we will probably set fire to it. It's been tradition to set fire to whatever base we've gone to ever since the early 90's, when we set fire to nearly two full grid squares at Ft McCoy. (Note: This was long before I even joined. And it was almost a decade before we were welcomed back to McCoy. :P)
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