RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Rio Lobo/Ft. Bragg '04 Annual Training

Got lost? Yep.
Lost equipment? Yep.
Wrecked/damaged/destroyed equipment? Oh, we certainly did. Hummer.
Set fire to the host base? ... What do you think we used the Hummer for? :P
Pissed off? Oh yeah.
Sunburned? AUGH, MY NECK! >_< (Side note: I now have a bitch farmer's tan. :P)
KP/kitchen patrol? Yep. Theonly time and the only one to do it.
Spent money? Well, let me put it this way: To all attending Trycon: The 'Lil Blackmail Camera's now digital. :P (Yep, I'm trying for Con DVD's. But I'm willing to go in with Hakan for the encoding of the older tapes.)

Well, At at Ft Bragg, NC. I knew it was going to suck, and suck it did. At least not as bad as the first time around. (Another story for another time.)

We get there, and I was hoping for some place other than the 82nd deployment area barracks, but it was not to be. (They're doing more than a half a billion dollar worth of building improvments to the base. Why can't that place be one of the improvments?) So we're in the De la Suck resort, but only for a couple days. Then there was the field. Two days of tactical, two days of technical. Tech side was alright, the usual sit in the back of the air condition hummer and look at a computer screen. Tac... sucked. I just went through this shit less than a year ago. And they did a half assed job this time around. (I'm sorry, but a drive-by? A fucking drive-by? If I wanted that, I would've stayed home. :P)

Other random stupidty was one private said to the captain that he wanted more training on the Hummer system. I don't know if he went up to her and said it or if she was just passing by and he just let it out, but it wasn't taken too lightly since he jumped over the chain of command. And said private was on my team. (I was the assistant team leader for this AT. Yeee, POWER. ;p) So the training was done, and the punishments were started. Save for a tiny problem.

He liked it. Punshiments shouldn't be liked damn it. >P

And as for the Hummer... Well, there's a generator built into it, to run all the equipment in the back. (The regular engine can't handle it.) A piece of the copper coil came loose and snaged the rotor. Care to guess what happend next? :P

Basically, that's all that really happend. Got home right at Friday afternoon rush hour, which was the over-suck. :P
Tags: army, bgwc

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