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RJ's LJ - WTF is my way of life.

I've been on the 'net longer that some of you've been ALIVE.

RJ Bachler
Hi, I'm RJ. arjei comes from one of my friends who decided to use the phonetic spelling of my name one day. It kinda stuck after that.

If you come here, you either know me, find me odd and intriguing, or just want to make sure I'm not somebody's experiment gone wrong. Like I care. Besides, somethings are f-locked, and some are even friend-filtered, so not everyone will see everything. (To use a quote I've seen: "A friend will bail you out of jail. A best friend will be right next to you, going '... Man, we fucked up.' A true friend would be helping you pry the bars off the window.")

For more info: First post | Second post.

I'm something close to a normal white smuck, who works both for a local gas station company and back in the US Army Reservist, and spends too much time on the computer and too much money on comics, anime, video games and porn. I'll get a life sometime before I die. I promise. ;)

If you want to start drama here, DON'T. I'll fucking hate you if you do, and I do like banning idiots.

And because I have to: In accordance with AR 600-20, para 5-3(1)(a), opinions expressed on this blog are those of myself in my private capacity and not as a representative of the DoD, DA, or any particular element of the Army.

I don't care if most of my LJ icons are yanked. They're mostly screengrabs anyway. The ones with the © on the icon page are, however, not stealable. No touchy-touchy. Do your own. I also don't care if anything I say on LJ is reposted anywhere else... save for anything that would have me using my 5th amendment right to it's fullest capabilities.

Oh, and I am a guy, even though most of my icons are female. (After over 10-some years on the internet, it finally happened.)

Current things: Patron Saint of Idle (From god_dot_com) | Founder and a maintainer of svam (Everything What Is Crap/Formerly SVAM LJ community) | Writer of talesofthepaast, better know as Tales of the PAAAAST! (TotP!) | Level 1 (Dennis Leary-type) asshole. | Metaquoted twice, damned_cooled once, LJDramaed (by proxy) once.

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