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hard time

About Utah '06...

Finally have a bit of time to get online. (Oh snap, internet!)

Okay, Utah part two: Take the entire rockability of last year's trip, then reverse it until it can out-suck a black hole.

If I didn't need the money...

Big update when I get back home on Saturday/Sunday.

"Should I push the button?" "Actually, we WANT you to push it." "... Kick. ASS."

Well, in about a hour, I leave for the shuttle bus up to O'Hare to go back to Utah to, once again, break experimental military stuff.

And they pay me to do this. Mwhahahahaha.

Anyway, unless the wireless around the TOC has been fixed as so I can look up more than CNN, (Of course, The prerequisite of me BEING in the TOC again needs to be there) I'll be back around August 26th.

Note to SVAM/EWIC/#C-ko-ers: I'll have the con videos up after I get back. (The window of opportunity of doing them between Octacon and Utah was just a bit to small.) I did, however, get the Search Engine video uploaded on to SSL. (In movies, under SVAMcon 2006.)

'nother meme before I pack the laptop up.

Guess that Friend

You have a total of 106 friends
You requested to guess 106 entries.
2 were skipped due to invalid content (surprising?).
You made 104 guesses.
You got 83 correct.
Doing the math for you, that means you got 79% correct.

Not bad. I know I got The Trio and the majority of the SVAM/EWIC/C-ko's crew right. The "close friend via net" meme from earlier got me a couple of times.

The Army hates the LJ.

Okay, since the TOC is slow, and I have my laptop, and there is a wifi in the area, I'm doing a bit of surfing while on duty... But not to LiveJournal. That has been blocked because it is deemed a "message board." (According to the block message.)

However, I can be on IRC.

Yes, becasue LJ ANGST hampers military duty, but live chat over IRC is a-okay and nothing will happen! ... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over.

(Note: And Semagic rules.)

Late night hate.

I truely hate this hotel's internet connection. In ways that really cannot be described, except that it involves a lot of swearing.

To give you an idea on how bad it was: TRYCON's hotel's internet access was better. Like five times better. (EDIT: From the parking lot, while in your car, in a rain storm. Three FUCKING HOURS just to get to the edit entry page.)

High-speed my ass.

Back on days.

I should be asleep, but I'm not tired yet. You see, I just got off of the night shift and I'm back on days, helping the mechanics and stuff. Why is this, do you ask?

Well, apparently LASERS (Remember to capitalize that word. :P) can blow up... Or, at least, come reeeeeally close and burn out a lot of electronics.

70 grand of fixin' to boot.

Anyway, bed.